Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crazy times...

Do you ever just stop and look at the world and your life from an outsiders point of view?

Did you see that movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy? It's about a Bushman from Africa who sees modern civilization for the first time, with hysterical results. Anyway, I was thinking about what the Bushman would think if he could see our civilization and our lives with fresh eyes.

I imagine he would wonder what the heck we have all this STUFF for! Why does every woman need 30 pair of shoes? Is there a purpose for nicknacks besides having something handy to throw at a raging lion?

Then I wonder, what if we reversed it? I know a few people I'd love to see live a week in a Bushman's shoes (or lack thereof). Would I - could I be happy if I had nothing material to my name? And the biggest question is...who am I competing with and what's the prize? Do I get a bonus in Heaven if I have more on earth? If I work harder, have smarter kids, have fatter pets, have a bigger house, have a richer retirement? I don't think the Bushman worries about any of these things, he didn't need a big screen television or a Wii. A coke bottle was enough to entertain him through a two hour movie.

I write this as I sit in my air conditioned home, with my laptop on my lap, my cell phone by my side, my kids exercising on the Wii fit, and my husband playing video games on the other computer. Maybe I do need more than a reed basket and a thong, but it doesn't look like I'll have a chance to find out.