Michelle's Poetry

Sound sleep is a myth
Worry never rests
Breath is a joyous sound
In your peaceful slumber
A gentle hand on your forehead
A smile 
A kiss
A bead of dark crimson
Sleep tight my love 

Written by Michelle Gonzalez - 5/22/2012 - around 12:30am

By Your Side
Strong and loyal
Steady and true
All I need
Is to be close to you

In turn I will stand
Ever vigilant and kind
By your loving hand
Our lives ever twined

So whether the moon
Is high in the night
Or sun beats down hot
The world bathed in white

You never need fear
For danger I tend
Enduringly near
Your four legged friend

Written by Michelle Gonzalez - 3/14/2012

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  1. I like, I write some poetry myself, sometimes its the only way to express what on ones mind.


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