Sunday, January 1, 2012

Disney with Diabetes

Our four day post Christmas trip to Disneyland has come to an end and I thought I'd jot down some of my thoughts and lessons learned...

1. The week after Christmas is an excellent time to go to Disneyland... If you've ever felt the need to experience being in a cattle stampede.

2. There are no carb counts at Disneyland so be prepared to SWAG for all you're worth. (we did get a peek at the carbs per serving of the corndogs, and they are 26g)

3. If you have a tendency to fart loudly and embarrass your family, it's okay, the constant noise and crowds will cover for you.

4. The lines can be excruciatingly long. If you're traveling with a child with diabetes, stop at guest services and ask for an alternative entrance pass, this will allow you to skip most of the lines. Be prepared to explain why you need it.

5. Bring extra everything. You can leave a bag of medical supplies in the first aid center.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean is 14 minutes long... Test blood sugar first and avoid dealing with a low in the dark, on a boat, with fog and noise and drunk pirates all around.

7. Most of the food at Disneyland is way more carbs than you think. Exceptions... Bengal BBQ is a great place for some yummy meat skewers. I estimated 5g each. We actually did surprisingly well with the corndogs at 26g each. If you go to CA Adventure and get soup at Boudin Bakery, you can get the soup and bread separately.

8. Wear comfortable shoes.

9. Wear comfortable shoes.

10. Wear comfortable shoes.

11. If you or your child is a water snob, bring your own because Anaheim water tastes nasty. You'll be doing a lot of walking so keep hydrated!

12. Disneyland will let you bring your own food in, so bring a backpack full of snacks.

13. If you leave the park at 9pm and hear and feel your tire blow as you exit the parking lot, look up before you panic because it's probably fireworks.

14. If you decide to duck into the first aid office to do a blood sugar check, be prepared for them to make you take a room instead of just allowing you to take three seconds to do it in the light. Try not to be annoyed seeing as you've already done bg checks in the restaurants, on the benches, in the lines, on the rides, waiting for the parade...

15. It's the happiest place on earth, so have fun!!!

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