Saturday, October 1, 2011

My baby is growing up!

This is the week my baby girl turned 12. I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday she looked like this:
If you don't already know, Sarah is my youngest baby. Her dad and I have been married for nearly 23 years. Her older siblings are adults now, ages 22 and 20. And as hard as it was to see them grow up, I think it's more difficult with Sarah because she's the youngest and my last "baby".

Right now she's in the middle between being a little girl and becoming a young woman. It's hard for me to accept that in few short years, she won't need me so much anymore. I've gotten used to her being my "appendage". She's always been a mama's girl. She and I have been sushi pals since she was 5 and discovered that she loves sushi better than just about anything else (while the rest of the family retches at the thought). She is a musical theater fanatic, just like her mom (only she can actually carry a tune). She has an amazing attitude about dealing with her diabetes; after 18 months it's mostly routine for her and I don't think she thinks about it very much anymore except when she doesn't feel well or when it's time to eat.

And I think one of my favorite things about Sarah is that she takes whatever life throws her way and makes it the best it can be. I won't say she makes lemonaid because she thinks lemonaid is gross, but she goes through life with a smile and a song and doesn't let anything get her down for long. She lives for fun and somehow manages to turn most anything into a fun time.

Tonight I am inspired to write this because today was such a good day. Honestly, I started out kind of grumpy, mostly due to lack of sleep. I have a lot going on at work which I think is taxing my brain, and Sarah's had a few nights of wonky blood sugar so I've been either staying up or setting multiple alarms.

So this morning started out with Sarah going to her theater class. She was also grouchy in the morning because she felt more like staying in, but once she got there she seemed to have a marvelous time. I'll tell you a secret... I left. Yep. I dropped her off, with her bag containing juice, crackers, a test kit and glucagon, and came back and retrieved her three hours later. She was smiling. Today was vocal practice, and even though she wasn't initially thrilled about the part she got in her latest musical, she LOVES to sing and it made her happy.

After practice we went to Bel Air for some sorely needed supplies for her birthday party (primarily vegetables for snacks, and candles for the cake), then to Baskin Robbins so she could pick out an ice cream cake. At home, she and I did some last minute touch-ups on her bedroom (which is closet sized and usually a bit messy) while she sang "Come to My Garden" multiple times as instructed by her voice teacher. Her grandparents, uncle, cousin, and friends Kelsey and Miranda came over to help her celebrate. She had a blast opening gifts, which were primarily clothes and lots and lots of glittery goodness and beautifying thingamajobers.

After the relatives went home, she spent a long time in the front yard swinging, jumping, running, and basically just having a great time. She and her friends made some crafts, watched a stupid movie (with the full intention of making fun of it the whole time, which drove my husband a little mad), and then decided to act and sing (which they're doing right now as I write this).

She had a good day. Happy birthday baby girl. I love you a bazillion!!!

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