Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sleepovers and diabetes

I seriously haven't blogged much lately, but hey, I have 10 minutes before I need to leave for the rest of today. Plenty of time to do.... something.

Last night was the first night in a very long time (about two years) that Sarah slept over at a friend's house. I know, this doesn't sound remarkable at all. But for a child with type 1 diabetes, it actually kind of is. Nighttime is the longest period of time in any 24 hour period where a child isn't checking blood sugar regularly. As the child is also totally zonked, it's also a time where they're less likely to feel a low blood sugar - so keeping nighttime safe takes some finesse.

  • A lot of parents won't ask a child with diabetes to spend the night, as it's more work and more responsibility.
  • As the parent of a type 1 child, I will only allow Sarah to spend the night at a home where I know and trust the parent(s).

Last night went great. Sarah was low and dropping at bedtime (an interesting change from the high blood sugars she's been having lately - diabetes always manages to surprise me!).

The wonderful parent and I texted back and forth. 

Sarah and I texted back and forth. 

All it took was two small snacks and a 4 hour reduced temp basal (the insulin she gets 24/7 as opposed to meals), and she slept soundly and safely.

Even more importantly, she got to spend time with a good friend and experience some diabetes independence in a safe environment. All in all, I think she really needed that.

Now, I wonder how said parent would feel about keeping a large yellow Labrador overnight as well...

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