Sunday, March 31, 2013

Novalog to Humalog. Oh joy...

Back in January I went online to order insulin for Sarah, and the website told me that we were no longer eligible to purchase Novalog, and would instead receive Humalog. Okay, good to know. A little warning from Kaiser might have been nice. So I asked people who have previously made the switch if I was likely to see any difference. The responses were basically:

"No, they're identical"
"There's a slight difference"
"There's a huge difference"
"Humalog is like water, doesn't do a thing"

I had a stash of Novalog in the fridge, so we started with the Humalog on 3/13/2013. And here's our experience, based on the first week of the month and the last week of the month, so a week before we started Humalog, and our full second week on Humalog.

Glucose in range
  • Pre-Humalog: 76% in range with 15 over and 9% under
  • Humalog: 68% in range with 38% over
Average Glucose
  • Pre-Humalog: 142 average
  • Humalog: 177 average (and keep in mind that this required a LOT of extra insulin)
Average Insulin
  • Pre-Humalog: 29.1
  • Humalog: 35.5
And in case you're a visual person...

Pre Humalog (on Novalog) - 3/1 to 3/8/2013

 Change to Humalog - 3/25 - 3/31/2013

So our conclusion? Humalog definitely isn't working as well. We have been CONSTANTLY increasing both basal rates and IC ratios, and I've reduced insulin sensitivity twice. I reduced duration from 3 hours to 2.5. We're still dealing with highs, no matter what we do. 

Clearly, there's really no difference...

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  1. Well, the only silver lining I can see is that she's not having the lows she had on Novolog. And that you need to do more tweaking. I DO believe there's a difference, but it also doesn't help that she's in the terrible teens, BG-wise, and you can bet on exactly NOTHING! :-(


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