Saturday, April 23, 2011

I sheared my sheeps coat and sharpened my canines

I've been following the instructions of my healthcare provider since - well, way before I can remember. In fact, my first memory of healthcare is going in for regular allergy shots. A big burly man used to give them to me, and when I was six, he told me I needed to memorize my healthcare ID number. So I did. And since then I've done pretty much whatever they told me to do. Until today...when I had an epiphany.

Oh yeah... they work for me!

So somewhere along the line I elevated those healthcare professionals to the status of Gods, or at least college professors. Yes doctor. Yes doctor. Yes doctor.

Until today.

Today I decided that my daughter needs absolutely every advantage medical science can give her. That if even a slightly better A1c or standard deviation in her blood sugar means she can live longer without complications, then I'm going to give that to her. And Kaiser was just not gonna tell me no this time!

Except they did. They don't approve CGM's (Continuous Glucose Monitors) for kids under age 18, unless "medically necessary" - which is basically defined as out of control blood sugars. We don't qualify, even though everything I read indicates that a CGM can have a positive impact on control, and reduce episodes of hypoglycemia. And there's an added benefit that it would allow me to SLEEP!

So, as I was sitting at my desk today reading through the most boring material imaginable, it occurred to me that just because I have Kaiser as my provider, doesn't necessarily mean I have to stick with Kaiser. Healthcare is a commodity. Doctors are selling a service. DUH!

So I called a different doctor. Way WAY out of network... I called Sutter and asked to speak with their pediatric endocrynology department. I asked the nurse there if they prescribe CGM's to young patients with diabetes - and they do! I asked if I could come in and see the doctor and get a prescription for a CGM. And I can!

So Tuesday afternoon, Sarah and I will embark on our first experience outside of the Kaiser network. She'll be seen by a new doctor, who has already indicated he'll prescribe a CGM. I'll leave with a golden ticket to take to Dexcom. And hopefully within the next few weeks, we'll have our very own CGM.

Tonight I am definitely not feeling sheepish. Ha. I'm totally howling at the moon. Nipping at their heels. I feel like a warrior mama!

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