Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A letter to Diabetes, our uninvited guest - D-Blog Week Topic 2


I am writing this letter in the hopes that you will finally get a clue. You are an uninvited guest in our household. We only allow you to stay because we can't figure out a way to get rid of you. That said, you are still a guest, and as a guest, I wish that you would show some respect to your host and her family. Therefore, here are some simple rules that we ask that you abide by during your stay-

  1. We are a busy, active family with a lot of responsibilities. Please try to respect that by allowing us to go out to eat once in awhile without you throwing a tantrum after a meal that requires Sarah and I to stay up late into the night poking fingers and making insulin adjustments.
  2. When we give you insulin, please use it wisely, as we've asked. It quite irritating when we give you what you ask for, and you throw it back in our faces. Be a bit more gracious!
  3. These sneaky rises and falls in blood sugar have to stop. If you could just be consistent, that would help us take care of your needs better.
  4. When Sarah isn't feeling well, please don't make it worse by putting on your scary mask and jumping out at her growling and cackling. It isn't funny. It isn't nice. And it pretty much just makes us resent you more than we already do.
While we understand that there is no formal eviction process, legal or otherwise, that would get you out of our lives, please know that if we find a way to remove you - we will without hesitation. And we'll be laughing and cheering. I don't really care how that makes you feel, because you've disrupted Sarah's life, and so many other lives, in a way that is completely unfair. She didn't invite you. She didn't do anything to make you feel invited. She was a normal, happy, healthy kid, and she doesn't deserve to have a jerk like you stalking her.

I'd ask you to go away, but I know it wouldn't do any good. So instead I'll just ask you to behave as the guest you are.




  1. Love it. Great letter!

  2. Love it! What an original spin on the viewpoint of D as a 'house guest'!

  3. Now I need to create a fancy name for my blog and start sharing my gut feelings about lupus and all the crap it has put me through the last 27 years. I have venom to spew, lots of it.

  4. Love the part where you ask diabetes to be more gracious with the insulin you provide...amen! Very creative, thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks all! Sorry for the delay, apparently I'm not being notified of comments. Hummmm....


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