Sunday, May 22, 2011

My kind of day... wish I could bottle it!

Sometimes a day goes so well that it is bewildering. Today was one of those days (though I'm surely not complaining).

Today we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!). Yesterday was super busy and we ended the day at a late baseball game, so we all slept in until after 8am (a miracle in itself). Sarah's blood sugar hovered between 90-100 for several hours prior to wake up. Awesome.

We got up and were just lazy. Sarah wasn't particularly hungry, and as her CGM was showing happy numbers, I didn't make her eat.

We made it to my parents house at 11am, by which time Sarah was finally starting to get hungry. Her bg was around 80, and she ate a granola bar. She followed the granola bar with chips, guacamole, and watermelon. We did a combination of measuring (watermelon) and guestimating (chips and guac). Her bg stayed pretty darn happy, right in range. Then came lunch. She filled her plate with beans, potato salad, corn, bread, and BBQ chicken. We measured out a serving of beans (28), potato salad (24), corn (19), and bread (20). She did a 70/30 combo, which basically means she took 70% of the insulin for all those carbs up front.

Enter the full snacking stomach. Oops. She ate none of the beans, about 1/2 the potato salad, about a bite of the bread, some of the corn, and some of the chicken. Oh crap. But her Bg by this time was somewhere in the 170ish area, so I decided to take a wait and see attitude. Sarah went outside to play with her little cousins, and I kept a close eye, checking her Dexcom every few minutes.

About 15 minutes of playing, and Dexcom beeped: double arrows down. Knew that was coming! She was having fun, so I just watched carefully for awhile. When she hit 120 with double arrows still down, I suggested that it might be a good time to cut the birthday cake. By the time the cake was cut, she was 104 with double arrows down. I didn't dose her for the cake or ice cream, but waited. She ate, and within a few minutes her CGM showed her in the low 100's and steady. We added carbs for the cake and ice cream, and put it on a 20/80 combo.

Miraculously she hovered between 120-150 for the remainder of the day. Um... wow? How the heck did that happen?

Sarah spent most of the rest of her day crafting, making her own scrapbook. She has stickers, paper, and scissors strewn all over. She didn't think much about bg, or bolus, or corrections, or even marshmallows. She goofed off, and crafted, and played, and just had a good ole' time.

My kind of day!


  1. I've only tried the combo bolus once and failed miserably. lol. When she doesn't eat, are you able to stop the remaining bolus?

  2. Hey Trish, yes, you can stop whatever hasn't already been delivered. We use the combo a LOT - particularly on ice cream, pasta, pizza, and pretty much anything fatty or when the meal includes significant protein. It's not an exact science, but it works really well to discourage that big ole spike 4-5 hours after a meal.

  3. One day at a time! Keep remembering the good days--that's how one survives and how hope works.


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