Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kickin' D Butt!

Oh yeah, once in awhile we get it right, and it feels pretty darn AMAZING!!! Last night I struggled with how to handle the fattiest dinner on the planet. It all started with a visit from my husband's aunt, who lives in Mexico. She stayed with his parents for a week, and made homemade tortillas (yes, with real lard).

Well, there's really only one meal you can eat with Aunt Raquel's homemade tortillas - Carnitas!
So last night, I dutifully looked up the carbs in homemade tortillas - 14g. per ounce. I weighed. I added a few extra grams for the homemade guacamole my husband and Sarah made together. I came up with a total of 70 grams. I did a combo bolus, knowing that the fat in the meal was going to cause a delay in the rise of her blood sugar. We did 40/60 for four hours (meaning she got 40% of her insulin immediately, and the rest spread over four hours). I logged this crazy fat meal so that I could save my success or failure for future review.

And I pretty much failed miserably. Three to four hours later she was at a very stubborn 240-260 range - when our goal is to keep her under 200 as much as possible. It took three corrections to get her back to her target. Stupid diabetes!

But wait. I had another chance! Sarah wanted the exact same meal again today. I put my analytical brain to work, and decided to give it another try, combining the pizza and ice cream theories. I multiplied the grams of carbs for the tortillas by 150%, and instead of bolusing for 70 grams, we bolused for 100 grams. We stuck with the 40/60 combo - but changed the duration to three hours instead of four.

Right now I am way beyond thrilled - like flying over the moon on my striped rocket ship happy! Like free food at Disneyland happy!
Because it's now five hours past dinner - and Sarah's peak? (Drum roll please................)


Take THAT diabetes!!! Kicked your butt all the way to next week. Whatcha gotta say now? Huh???


  1. Congrats! Take pride in these things! Things is how we improve, live and learn!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    This is unrelated to your post - but related to your D-journey. I saw the comment you had left on Kerri Sparling's Animas/DexCom link about your daughter leaving her DexCom receiver all over the house. I had to chuckle, because I used to do that, too! Check out - they are AWESOME! They even have one for diabetics. I got one for the very reason that I kept "losing" my DexCom receiver and got tired of needing pockets on everything. It's made from smooth, stretchy material and doesn't flop around. It's super comfortable and discreet - I wear mine 24/7 - even to bed! I got the one w/ two pockets, so I can carry my info and tablets w/ me on a run. I got the plain black, but they have alot of neat colors for kids.

    * btw, I am in no way affiliated w/ SPIbelt. I just think it's a fantastic product and anything that makes our d-life a little easier, I'm gonna pass it on. =)


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