Sunday, July 3, 2011

Does it mean I'm becoming a zombie if my brains are leaking out my orifices?

Wow, it's been a week. Of course when isn't it? Sunday always seems to turn into Monday, then Tuesday...

One of my methods of coping has always been to take the "problem" and deal with it as a "challenge". I dunno, it just sounds better. A problem is dealt with whereas a challenge is conquered. This was a week of challenges, triumphs, and moments where I just really wanted to blow a deafening raspberry.

We had a week of pretty awesome firsts actually. My oldest, Devon, is working on something very cool and top secret; my middle child, Amanda, started her first job this week; and my youngest, Sarah, had her first real public speaking opportunity.

Diabetes land offered some of this week's challenges, as I continue to fight with Kaiser to get a CGM, as summertime blood sugars are making Sarah's CGM look like a never-ending ride on the Giant Dipper, and as Sarah's nighttime basal (which cost many hours of sleep to get right) seems to have gone ca put - "Hello sleepless nights, I haven't really missed you!"

At home I'm generally feeling disorganized. I seriously want/need to have a garage sale, but can't find the motivation to organize the ridiculous amount of STUFF that I want to get rid of. If anyone out there is a spectacularly wonderful organizer, I will pay you to help me...

Other random notes from this week...

  1. Dishonesty doesn't pay, is really stupid, and doesn't end well - so just don't go there, k?
  2. If you think I talk about diabetes too much, please feel free to ignore me but before you do, consider reading this post and try putting yourself in my shoes for just a couple of minutes and ask yourself - If it was your baby, would you handle it differently?
  3. Friendship is where you find it; sometimes it's at home, at work, or inside your PC. Sometimes you have to be your own friend, and find a quiet moment to just zen out.
  4. If you sit under giant lights, you're going to be accosted by giant bugs. And when your child is a pre-teen, telling her that they're on their way to the Ugly Bug Ball just doesn't cut it anymore.
  5. I really like teenagers who can still have fun like kids.
  6. It's time to take a nap when you get all sappy and sentimental in a costume shop, start reminising with the woman who made from scratch your baby's first costume (red riding hood cape), only to find out that the cape that was so darn sweet on your baby is very popular with big girls who are trying to look sexy/sleazy. Ew...just ewwwwwwwwww.........

And now I'm hanging out at my PC rambling on waiting for IOB to come down to 0 so I can go to bed. I'll let you know if I start having a hankering for brains...

Oh, and if you made it all the way to the end of this, won't you consider leaving a comment to let me know what you think? I enjoy writing for myself, but it's pretty cool to hear what others think. Thanks!

In order to improve our ability to help keep Sarah safe, she will soon be getting a diabetes alert dog. If you are interested in helping Sarah with this, please visit her facebook page at or her website at


  1. You are an amazing woman, Michelle! And FYI… I never tire of you talking about diabetes. In fact, I can only hope that I would be as vigilant, relentless and mama bear-like in keeping my baby safe. Your love for your family is really special and an example for all of us!

  2. I like #3(the one about friends) and yeah, Leighanna was red riding hood too when she was younger. Some of those "sexy" costumes are scary!!

    People are having a hard time commenting right now. Google/blogger must me PMSing because it wont let some people(me included some days) sign in under our account to comment on some of the blogs. AND if that person doesnt allow anon comments or name/url(like I did here... it won't let me comment at all. It's REALLY been a pain!!

    BTW: I want to hear about this secret project :)

  3. Awww, thanks Stephanie! And just so you know, you are definitely one of my friends who has never made me feel like I talk about it too much. You're the best!

    Thanks Lora - and I'll let everyone know, just as soon as it's not secret anymore... :-)


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