Friday, December 30, 2011

Lessons learned at the happiest place on earth

Today was our third of four full days of Disneyland fun on our short post Christmas vacation. We've been having a blast. The kids are getting along famously, and our pal diabetes has even been mostly well behaved.

Tonight we had a fun dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which does NOT have a nutritional menu. Sarah ate a whole kids pizza, a tortilla from my husbands plate, a bit of salmon from my plate, and her sisters garlic mashed potatoes. I guessed at the carbs because, really, what was my other choice?

After dinner my hubby went back to get his jacket and asked if he could leave the big backpack in the car as it was getting late and we were only going to stay a bit longer anyway. I said sure, I was wearing a fanny pack which included a one touch mini, a tube of frosting, and a packet of candy corn.

So after dropping things at the car and going back into both parks for a few more rides, we decided to end the night at Pirates of the Caribbean - everyone's favorite ride. And since the lines has been crazy, one we hadn't been on yet.

We get just past the first dip on this very long ride when it happens, "mommy, I feel low". So I pull out the test kit, open it up, and realize I can't see a darn thing. Nope, no backlight on the one touch mini. So my husband sees my problem and lights my way with his cell phone (sorry folks behind us, medical emergency here!). The result? 84. Not that bad but she feels like she's dropping. I pull out the candy corn. It doesn't taste right to her. Okay... How about a bit of her sisters cotton candy? Nope, she doesn't want that either. Okay kid, your low blood sugar moment in the middle of a ride is not the time to start getting ultra picky!!!

So how about the frosting? Nope, she doesn't want it. I decide that at 84 we can probably make it to the end of the ride and then deal. We get past the bombs, the women for sale, the drunks, the fire, and are just about out... When the ride comes to a complete stop. So we wait...and wait...and wait. I decide to test her again after about 5 minutes. She's 76. Looks like she probably is dropping fast. I'm gritting my teeth and she's starting to lean. We wait. I beg her to eat some candy corn. Nope. We wait. FINALLY the ride moves again and we get to the blessed end!!!

We still have an issue. A low, and dropping, blood sugar and nothing she wants to treat it with. We walk around the corner heading out towards the main gate and pass a coffee stand. Eureka! We run in and search through - I kid you not - piles of various types of fake sweetener until my older daughter finds actual sugar! We all stand there while Sarah tears open the packet and proceeds to literally dump sugar into her mouth. People are looking, "eat it all Sarah". People probably think I'm insane, "do you want another packet Sarah?".

The night ended fine. We made it to the car where Sarah downed 15g of oatmeal squares cereal and the night was saved.

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  1. I love disneyland! Maybe she should pick out some low treats she would actually like. I know it sucks treating a low, but you gotta do what you gotta do! Glad everything worked out fine!


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