Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This ain't no honeymoon, folks...

When Sarah was first diagnosed with diabetes, we heard a lot about this "honeymoon" period. Some people applauded it, because when the pancreas is doing even SOME of the work, we as substitute pancreases do a little less. We have a cushion to fall back on, making the highs and lows somewhat less dramatic. Others cursed the honeymoon as a period when blood sugar can be completely unpredictable.

"Why hello Mr. Pancreas, so nice of you to make an appearance!"

I can tell you what a honeymoon period is not...
It's not beautiful sunsets, or candlelit dinners. It's not a stroll on the beach, with the sand between your toes.

So why the hell is it called a honeymoon anyway? Maybe it should be renamed.

  • Confused Pancreas period
  • Insulin Inconsistency period
  • Peculiar pancreatic activity period
  • Watch out for falling blood sugar period
  • Don't get used to these mellow numbers period
  • Developing bad habits that will bite you in the ass later period

Blood sugars during the "honeymoon period" might look a little bit like this... And you're thinking... this isn't so bad. I can totally keep these numbers in range!

And then you and your pancreas have a final falling out... and they look more like this:

It kind of feels like you failed when you look at this chart. Okay... I felt like a complete failure. How could my child have blood sugars soaring into the 400's? We are diligent, vigilant, and totally on top of her site changes, her carb counting, and regular testing. And still!

I keep telling myself that this is temporary. We will get her numbers back into the type of control we're used to, where the world makes sense again. We're not quite there yet, but are well on our way. Today's numbers looked like this:
Far from perfect, but a most definite step in the right direction.

We can do this.

You can do this.

So what do you think? Should we rename this or what?

In order to improve our ability to help keep Sarah safe, she will soon be getting a diabetes alert dog. If you are interested in helping Sarah with this, please visit her facebook page at or her website at

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  1. Somehow, the phrase "Don't hate the player, hate the game," period keeps popping in my mind. lol


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