Monday, September 2, 2013

Diabetes is not the boss of us

Sometimes you just have to make a decision that isn't dominated by diabetes. Like when your 13 year old wants to go to a favorite restaurant that you haven't been to in a year BECAUSE of diabetes. Diabetes is not supposed to have so much control over our lives, but sometimes out of sheer necessity, and requirement for sleep, we let it have more control than it deserves. 

I'm sure I'll hear from those who agree that people with diabetes can eat anything, and those who are horrified that I periodically dose my daughter for near 200g of carbs for a single meal. Someday she will be grown and she can make her own decisions about what to eat, and I MUST prepare her not just for chicken breasts, salads, and rolls - but for Chinese, Mexican, and desserts. How else will she learn how to keep her bg from crashing and then spiking into the stratosphere if we don't work through it together.

And for crying out loud, she's a 13 year old kid and I refuse to allow diabetes to rule her life. Got that diabetes? You. Will. Not. Win!

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